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Coffee and Magazines

The OwlSlate Project is about reading, writing, and expressing yourself with few words.All the reading content on OwlSlate is readable within 10 minutes or less.

OwlSlate originated with the idea of reading less, as a person I am not a reader but contrary to that I wouldn't mind reading a couple of lines or a small article. So on that fundamental of reading less I created this website Owlslate so for people like me who are hardly readers,we get an opportunity to read.

OwlSlate has 2 primary functions Read and Write. Anyone can come and read the content of the site, but to write you simply need to Sign Up. You can simply sign up through the top right button on the screen.

In order to keep the content readable within the 10 minute time frame, OwlSlate has put a word limit of 1200, meaning whilst writing the writer has only 1200 words to work with. 

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